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Behringer Headphones HPX2000
Behringer Headphones HPX2000 The HPX2000 high-definition DJ headphones are high-quality DJ headphones for demanding users in home and live applications. Their superb frequency response, high-efficiency cobalt capsule and single-sided oxygen-free copper cord promise uncompromising performance. You get high-definition bass and super-transparent highs, and ultra-high dynamic range. There are flexible turnable and foldable round-shaped ear cups with ultra-rugged headband construction. more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 5.00     Available: 1

Ecler NUO3 3 Channel DJ Mixer
Ecler NUO3 3 Channel DJ Mixer The Ecler NUO3 is a 3 channel stereo mixer featuring fader and crossfader shape adjust & reverse, cut in time adjustment, suitability for the ETERNAL inductive crossfader, pre & post effects send / return, & kill switches for bass frequencies.

It features a unique internal oversized power supply with universal input from 90V to 260V, balanced output and two output level controls allowing booth monitoring.

Thanks to these features and its robust format, the NUO series is mainly dedicated to professional mixing applications. more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 25.00     Available: 1

Numark CDN15 Single CD Player
Numark CDN15 Single CD Player This single rack mountable CD player is a one player version of their entry level CD player, but still offers the whole range of useful DJ features - including pitch bend/search wheel with finger grip, +/-8 or 16% pitch ranges and rubber buttons for accurate mixing and a transport bay illumination light for working in dark environments. more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 25.00     Available: 1

Numark CDX Pro DJ CD Player
Numark CDX Pro DJ CD Player The Numark CDX is probably the closest CD player to a turntable. Using a chaises of a turntable and a full size, direct drive platter the CDX can manipulate the sounds from the CD, just like a turntable.

CDX features full size, 12" platter, MP3 playback, high torque motor and easy to use slot loading design.

Why does CDX feel so real? Because it is built with the same ultra-high torque, 5.0kg, direct drive motor as the Numark flagship TTX1 Turntable, complete with 12-inch vinyl and slipmat. more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 50.00 each     Available: 2

Numark TTX Pro DJ Turntable
Numark TTX Pro DJ Turntable The result of extensive research into the needs of professional DJs, the TTX-1 deftly combines unmatched torque and incredible precision.

If you are use to the industry standard Technics 1210's then you will find these turntables very easy to use, and with the higher torque motor 5.0 kg motor, you may find them even easier.

Numarious professional DJ's, with many years experince on Technics 1210's, have wanted to sell their 1210's and get a set of these after using them!! more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 35.00 each     Available: 2

Prolight DJ Stand
Prolight DJ Stand This is the ideal solution for setting up your mobile rig when out on the road.

The stand is 180cm (6ft) wide with a black shelving top to allow you to place CD players/decks/mixers etc, with an additional shelf underneath for amps, lighting controllers, compact disc or record boxes etc.

A height adjustable lighting bar is pre-drilled for mounting effects, and comes complete with bolts, wing nuts and joining spigot. more info and specs >>>

Daily Hire Cost: 15.00     Available: 1


Prices listed are for equipment only. Please contact us for a quote for transportation and crew costs.